Sep 122011
1 TL - coin - obverse and reverse

1 TL

And what could you buy for a 1000TL, if you wished to spend that much money? How much money do you need in Turkey?

Welcome to part one of a mini-guide to Turkish prices:)




Turkish prices and estimated expenses

What can you buy for 1 TL?

  • 1 litre bottle water (I mean drinking, not mineral water – very few Turks would drink their tap water, and in some major cities I can see… taste the reason why)
  • simit, which is a Turkish pretzel
  • half an hour in an internet cafe
  • a bouqet of flowers (though flower sellers, mainly of a gypsy origin conitnue to shout bir milion, which means “one million”, and which also means they totally ignore the redenomination of the lira that took place in 2005)

2 TL?

  • a token which allows you to get on a ferry and pass from the European to the Asian side of the Bosphorus or the other way round; and you will still have some 50 kuruş left in your pocket
  • a chicken döner in an inexpensive bar

5 TL?

  • balık ekmek, that is: grilled fish in a bread roll, with onion (optionally), tomato and lettuce slices, sprinkled with lemon juice (obligatory)
  • In Istanbul, you can get on a ferry and go to one of the Princes Islands and return to the mainland (either mainland – European or Anatolian)

10 TL?

a tray with pide and ayran

Pide and ayran

  • pide and ayran in a nice bar
  • a selection of the most popular newspapers published on any given day (Turkish newspapers:)
  • a tourist map of a selected region in Turkey

20 TL?

  • an entry ticket to a museum or to the majority of other tourist attractions (including: Ayasofia, Pamukkale)

25 TL?

  • two cinema tickets
  • 8GB memory card for your digital camera
  • a morning, afternoon, evening or night stay at a cafe with a water pipe and countless glasses of tea, for two people

50 TL?

Turkish coffee set

Coffee time

  • dinner in a nice restaurant for two people, including dessert, excluding alcohol
  • one night stay in a cheap hotel, for one person
  • Turkish coffee set: copper, handmade cezve and tiny cups, without a tray

100 TL?

  • you can go into a clothes shop in one set of clothes and leave this shop in another
  • hire a car for one day
  • buy a pair of designer leather shoes

500 TL?

  • with that much money you can think about buying something traditional and hand-made in a carpet/kilim shop

750 TL?

  • you can buy a 90 hours Turkish language course (one level) in a language school in Istanbul

1000 TL?

  • a monthly flat rent (in Istanbul this flat could be small, faulty or far from the city centers – I’ve used the plural on purpose as there are dozens of them in Istanbul)
  • a new, quite good bike

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