Jun 272010

Once upon a time, that is in 2007, I decided to leave Kraków and move to Istanbul. Not sure whether it would be a good idea to bring my new bike, I consulted Turkish Poles on a forum:

izaoztan 13.06.07, 07:52
bike is a wonderful thing but not for moving around in istanbul. 90% of drivers don’t obey traffic regulations! at least that’s the impression you get. if i were you i wouldn’t risk cycling in istanbul unless you are suicidal;o))))))

14.06.07, 07:43
dear ladies:))

as for a bike I’d rather not take a risk on any busy road in Istanbul – but every day I can see people who do and I guess they enjoy it:))
As for the bike itself I suggest cycling on the islands – it’s a wonderful place for cycling and the views are unforgettable.
If you don’t have your own bike it’s possible to rent it on every island:))

karcia.akuku 14.06.07, 22:46
(…) As for bikes… I got the impression that Turks associate bikes with poverty. Driving a car is a done thing, not cycling. We must try and change it… Maybe one day there will be a cycling Holland here

(copied and pasted – and translated in between – from our forum, hopefully no one minds me doing it, if I’m wrong – you have the right to protest)

So much for the encouragement! Luckily I’m extremely stubborn or there would be nothing to reminisce about now;)

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